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Bontrager G4 Team Issue Factory Overstock Tire

Bontrager G4 Team Issue Factory Overstock Tire
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DH tire eats up loose, rocky conditions on biggest, roughest tracks.

Rubble-eating rubber

Rock gardens. Big hits. Bontrager's G4 Team Issue downhill tire is intended for very aggressive riding over difficult terrain in dry, rocky conditions.

Ramped leading edges on the center blocks, open tread design, and aggressive shoulder blocks keep the G4 rolling fast, and it quickly clears debris, and provides confident cornering. Dual-ply casing and condition-specific compounds provide additional support and control.

- A downhill tire that excels in rocky and loose conditions
- Ramp edges for fast rolling
- Large center knobs improve handling and traction
- Sipes for increased traction on slippery roots and rocks
- Dual-Ply multi-layer casing adds stability for heavy-duty DH tires with added butyl layer to prevent flats
- Go green and save green - Zero packaging means zero waste and zero extra cost